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The original Cross Walk Quartet began in 2012, shortly after we attended a local gospel concert. We got together the next evening to sing and enjoyed it so much that we decided to do it again. We’ve undergone several lineup changes, but still enjoy singing together and encouraging people on their daily walk with Jesus.

We’ve drawn inspiration from many types of music — southern Gospel, barbershop, traditional hymns, contemporary songs, and even some bluegrass. Each style presents the Gospel in a different light, but all point back to the truth of the cross. Ultimately, our inspiration comes from the life we have in Christ and we sing because He is worthy of our praise.

So why the name Cross Walk Quartet? Our journey through life is one that takes many twists and turns, but the constant through it all is the love of God. As we walk with Him, we can’t help but recognize that it is all colored by one thing — Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. We must realize that in order to reach heaven, we must walk daily in the light of the cross.


Our Music

Hope (2018)

$14 + S&H

Track Listing

  1. It Shall Be Well
  2. I Have Hope
  3. If We Ever Needed The Lord Before
  4. Hallelujah For The Cross
  5. Nail It To The Cross
  6. How Deep The Father’s Love For Us
  7. Shut De Do
  8. Sing Praise To God
  9. Light On My Feet
  10. Glory Hallelu
  11. Crown Him With Many Crowns
  12. New Jerusalem Way

Wayfaring Stranger (2015)

$10 + S&H

Track Listing

  1. I Will Call Upon the Lord
  2. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart
  3. Oh the Glory Did Roll
  4. O Sacred Head Now Wounded
  5. Blood Washed Band
  6. In the Heat of the Flames
  7. I’m Standing on the Solid Rock
  8. Strong
  9. Wayfaring Stranger
  10. Heaven’s Really Gonna Shine
  11. I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before
  12. Low Down the Chariot


Hope + Wayfaring Stranger – $22 + S&H

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Sunday, February 20, 2022 

Berea Christian Fellowship
504 N Main St
Nappanee, IN 46550

Starting at 6:00 am.

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Justin Stoltzfus

Justin Stoltzfus


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Kendall Beiler


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Tom Troyer


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Dale Raber


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